The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System

Running time 1:12 Level: Intermediate to Advanced. The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System: With The Stacey Stretch Strap System Stacey  guides Flyer Cheerleader Bella Blum through her system and addresses some previous injuries caused by not being properly warmed up before Cheer Practice. Sadly, Many well-meaning coaches of all sports do not have the tools of how to give a proper flexibility training program to their athletes - which can cause manypainful injuries. Sometimes to the point of having to quit their beloved sport or activity.  Stacey's sincere intention is to show that there  is a better way to enjoy stretching, deepen splits, leg holds, back-backarch and performing without force or pain. Short bonus module showing how to time right use of the breathe to jump higher after being safely warmed upLarge text.

Results from dancer training with course 1 time

"Elektra completed the Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility today. These were all before, during and after the Cheerleaders module today. It’s amazing to see so much progress can be made with your system! She is so excited with this new knowledge on how her body works and the kind of stretches she needs to achieve her goals - we truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise! Can’t wait to share more progress over the coming weeks and months!"
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"The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System" is available on its own and included in the Dance! Flexibility Makeover Master Class Series
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Testimonial from this beautiful model in Morocco @hk.369 She was overjoyed that she was able to fully get into this position after training with "Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System" 

 "Thank you Stacey! It's all about the little tricks you give. I really like your program. Without knowing all the details you give, you can not do the exercises perfectly. " She will continue to train with the rest of the courses in the Dance! Flexibility Makeover Master Class Series. 

Before & After Results From Course Member Abby Who Trained With "The Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System"  (Also Included In All Bundle Package Series) 

Course Feedback:

Course Lessons

Yoga Instructor

"I've been doing your program and look what I got! I'm so grateful for you" Farrah Pre-Pro Ballet Dancer TDA Top 10, Beijing IBCC, YAGP #2 X 3

Preview From "Cheerleaders Complete Flexibility System"

Available as individual course & included in Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack Series
Bella is using the Stacey Stretch Strap & Stacey Posture Strap to maximize progress
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Stacey Stretch Strap®

Stacey's Stretch Strap gets immediate results to increase your flexibility. Deepen your stretches, immediately correct your form and see improvements that assist with your overall performance.

Stacey Posture Strap

Get immediate improvements to your posture. Use this in conjunction with this course to rapidly improve your range of motion and overall posture.


Stacey is a world renowned flexibility master. She has been an International flexibility coach to top athletes :Olympians, professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, established actors, UFC champion Victor Belfort and Carlson Gracie Team and more! With over 30 years of experience, she has touched the lives of thousands of athletes to individuals who want better posture, range of motion, injury rehab, injury prevention and be competition ready to live out their wildest dreams in their art or sports performance She has been an action actress: including guest lead on Power Rangers and motion capture video games using her understanding of how to maximize range of motion with perfect alignment. She has contributed over 30+ articles to the Huffington Post and has been featured in many publications. Stacey can be seen in five issues of Kung Fu magazine. Stacey began her career by achieving a black belt in Kung Fu. Flexibility coaching found her when top athletes and performers sought her out after seeing her kicking with spectacular range of motion i n her performance. Stacey specializes in mind-body-spirit flexibility training to unleash the highest potential within every individual that follows her step-by-step proven system. Her extensive experience is highlighted in these courses, designed to get you the same results as the top professionals. 

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